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Project Award: Active Sales Co website

We built the Active Sales Co web site in 1999, so 14 years later it was time for a major update. After looking at target markets and discussing priorities, we structured the new site around product uses and brands. We built it on the WordPress platform, which allows Active Sales Co staff to make updates directly.

Project Award: Amsino pump video

Building a training video for Amsino required specialized video capabilities including a video studio and voice-over systems. Using a carefully written script, this lengthy video was delivered in easy to digest chapters that leverage the Amsino brand and allow viewers to watch only the chapters they need.

Project Award: Sew What? LinkedIn account

In building the Sew What? Linked In page, we started with a careful analysis of available content, then structured the company page to offer recent news, blog posts and events. The products page showcases Sew What? Inc products in major shows & events, helping viewers to get a sense of the powerful visuals created by Sew What?

Project Award: Norfox posters

Norfox is a Chemical distributor that serves multiple markets, which can be very expensive from a trade show perspective. Our goal with this project was to develop posters and supporting ads for use in trade shows that leverage the Norfox brand and showcase their wide product line offering.

Project Award: Trick Train Tracks website

Trick Train Tracks needed to change the way their products are sold, moving from a good-better-best system to a system centered around a base model with options, like buying a car. Integrating this into the web site required careful planning and generation of 54 new buying options, each with a photo, detail sheet, and PayPal entry.

Project Award: Amsino website, brochure & ads

Amsino is a manufacturer of medical products. With factories in China, Amsino is an OEM manufacturer for leading brands worldwide. In support of their U.S. business, we developed a three front campaign that included a U.S based OEM web site, trade ads and brochure.

Project Award: Rent What? video campaign

Videos are fast becoming critical marketing elements, so as part of our responsibility for the Rent What? Inc online campaign, we developed a program that produces a video each month from still images. The images are stunning, and each showcases Rent What? products in major shows and events.

Project Award: Lakin Tire trade show booth

Lakin Tire is a national leader in the tire recycling inductry. Resulting from a recent brand review and update project by Star Marketing, the time came to update the trade show booth. Working with Skyline Displays, we developed storylines and visuals for the new booth that leveraged the updated brand strategy.

Project Award: Norman, Fox and Co website, brochure & ads

Norman, Fox and Co has enjoyed successful brand recognition for decades, but the image had become notably dated. Our task was to modernize the Norfox image through a new web site, trade ad campaign and printed literature targeting five distinctive markets.

Project Award: Volcanic Red Coffee website review & update

Volcanic Red Coffee needed an eCommerce web site equal to their standing in the industry as a leading coffee supplier to the premium coffee market. Our solution is built on the WordPress platform and offers control of all content, including inventory, shipping, specials, customers, and order management.

Project Award: Rent What? classified ad campaign

One of the target markets for Rent What? includes the biggest and most famous rock & roll touring bands in the world, so when the time came for a classified ad campaign, it needed to be visually stunning. This from a 2 1/2″ square series of ads. See how we did it in this News Flash!

Project Award: Lakin Tire brand review & update

Videos are fast becoming a critical element in online campaigns, both key word campaigns and social media efforts. We can structure a custom video program for you that delivers quality videos at bargain prices, whether you need just one or a full series.