Trade Show Strategies

Mouse over the trade show booth design images below to view samples:

portfolio_capabilities_trade_events5_b portfolio_capabilities_trade_events4_b portfolio_capabilities_trade_events3_b
portfolio_capabilities_trade_events6_b portfolio_capabilities_trade_events2_b portfolio_capabilities_trade_events1_b

Trade shows are expensive, and in many cases required to maintain your presence in a particular market. And we haven’t even mentioned the booth itself yet! What makes a booth great?

Our strategy is simple – as prospects are wandering down the aisles we qualify them from afar with our top signage – if available. Once they start down our aisle we further qualify them with booth graphics. As they get close enough to start reading, our messaging engages them but leaves room for further inquiry, requiring a trip inside the booth where our representatives are waiting to help.

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