Print Study – FGIB

Our client, FGIB, serves a unique niche in business liability and risk management: community and regional banks and financial institutions. As the banking industry changed over the years, FGIB has been there, in the trenches, working with its clients to limit their exposure and expertly handle their claims.

The brand for FGIB was clear – they are the bankers broker. Banks resist changing their insurance brokers, and when they do, the timing is usually determined by renewal dates – a sales challenge to say the least. So FGIB was keen on a direct mail strategy aimed at creating brand awareness. We concurred and built a piece that told a story, much like a fairy tail, of how FGIB emerged the hero against difficult odds – because in the eyes of their clients, they are heroes.

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Custom Advertising Collateral | FGIB Flyer Front
Custom Advertising Collateral | FGIB Flyer Back