Advertising That Gets Results

The secret to getting your ad noticed when no one else’s does.

Strong, strategic advertising, whether in newspapers, in magazines, on TV or radio, or in literature, must grab the audience’s attention, speak in their language, quickly communicate an unforgettable and meaningful message, and inspire them to take action.

That’s quite a trick, given the amount of clutter and super saturation of messages already out there. But it can be done.

Star Marketing creates highly effective advertisements that are creatively compelling, perfectly targeted and demand response. Our secret is to build on a solid framework of sound strategic thinking. If the message isn’t right, no amount of creativity will get your product sold!

We begin every project with a strategic worksheet that identifies the best target audience, defines the best reasons to buy, and outlines the message platform for the ad. That’s the kind of marketing groundwork that assures success even before we apply our creative talents.

In addition to developing advertising, we’ll help create your entire advertising campaign, negotiate the best media rates, and keep everything flowing on time and on budget.

Advertising you can Afford

We know advertising is expensive, but powerful thinking, innovative strategies and outside-the-box creativity make them effective, and that translates to more bottom-line sales for each marketing dollar you spend. Our strategies come from working with scores of clients whose budgets required us to out-think their competition rather than out-spend them.

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Star Marketing is a marketing and advertising agency in Los Angeles County, California that has proudly served Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California companies since 1987. See what our clients have to say about us here.