Everything we do at Star Marketing is based on strategic thinking.

While businesses are unique and individualized, there are similar marketing functions to be done. For example, marketing to consumers typically involves packaging and merchandising, while marketing to business involves trade events and sales literature. Of course there are overlapping functions such as advertisements, media buys, email campaigns, a web site, videos, and pr releases.

The key to success however, is not in completing the right marketing tasks; it lies in the content developed for each task and getting that content in front of qualified prospects.

Marketing content needs to move a qualified prospect to action. If that is not happening, then it is time to review the strategy – or write one up!

For over 26 years, Star Marketing teams have structured successful marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients working in many different industries.

Our success comes from the understanding that we need to move prospects to action. That may require research and testing, but the bottom line is always there – our success comes from moving prospects to action.

We’ve arranged our capabilities into the six categories listed on the right. They cover a wide range of industries, but the bottom line for each is the same – moving prospects to action. Please contact us anytime to discuss your particulars. Great marketing is just an email away!.